Foundation Membership availability is limited – We will discontinue offering once all positions have been filled.

Early Bird

Only 10 memberships available!


There were restrictions, you couldn’t make it into the first round, it was hard, BUT YOU’RE HERE NOW and you’re READY. TO. BOOGIE!

Ain’t nobody stopping you from dancing, or doing Pilates. You’re changing the rules and you’re here to stay. You’re dancing your way into unlimited Reformer and Mat Pilates classes for the rest of your existence!!


$43 / Per Week

You can expect the following from this membership;

  • Includes unlimited Group Reformer & Mat classes.
  • Unlimited online Studio access.
  • Choose from 27 in studio classes per week.
  • Same weekly price for the rest of your Pilates Cartel Life.
  • Non transferable.
  • Like EXPO 88′, this is totally awesome, and will never to be repeated.