Pilates Cartel

Membership Terms

Direct debt service agreement

  1. By entering into any Membership You authorise Us to arrange for funds to be debited from Your account in accordance with this agreement
  2. We will direct debit Your preferred account Weekly in advance. Payment due date is the day of the week You became a Member. If there are insufficient funds in Your account at the time of the direct debit You will incur an $8.80 dishonour fee charged by our merchant.
  3. Stand By Me is Our only Membership that has an option to pay upfront, this membership will be paid in full for a 12 month period on the first day of the membership. This will automatically renew after 12 months and a full 12 months payment will be debited again. This will continue until you advise us you want to cancel your membership.
  4. Stand By Me membership is transferable. It is your responsibility to find someone to take over your membership. This will incur a $10 fee to change it over. You are responsible for this fee.
  5. Stand By Me membership cannot be cancelled. Cancelling this membership early will incur a $400 fee or the amount owing on the membership if it is less than $400.

Membership conditions

  1. Memberships that require a payment for a fixed term in advanced are non-refundable.
  2. Notwithstanding clause (a), We may, at Our discretion, consent to You transferring a Stand By Me Membership to another person provided that person enters into an agreement in the same terms as the Membership for the remanding term of that Membership.
  3. We will allow You to place Your Membership on time stop a maximum of two times in each calendar year. The total time allowance is 1 month per 12-month period. Backdating of time is not permitted. You acknowledge that any additional time stops will incur a $10 fee. You must email hello@pilatescartel at least 48 hours before the date You want Your time stop to start.
  4. You acknowledge that We do not provide childcare. We also do not allow any children to wait for You in the waiting area while You attend class.
  5. You acknowledge that The Never Ending Story, The Flashdance and The Breakfast Club Memberships are non-transferable.
  6. You acknowledge that if You are a Member of The Breakfast Club You must transfer to a full-priced Membership when You cease to be a full-time student.
  7. You acknowledge that Memberships are automatically renewed and You must advise Us 1 week before the renewal date if You want to cancel Your Membership.
  8. You acknowledge that Pilates Cartel takes no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen personal property. If You are the victim of theft, immediately report it to one of Our staff Members.

Pilates Cartel class rules

  1. Classes are filled using an online booking system. Bookings can be made through Our Website (Pilatescartel.com.au) or through Our app “Wellness Living Achieve”
  2. Bookings for classes close 30 minutes before the commencement time of the class. Class cancellations close 2 hours before class, any cancellation after this will incur a now show/late cancellation penalty. You are offered 2 of these per 12months from your first class, after this you will be penalized with a $10 fee, if you are on a class pass, you will also forfeit 1 class from that pass. If you do not have sufficient funds to cover the $10 fee, you will be charged an $8.80 dishonour fee by the merchant.
  3. Classes can be booked a maximum of two weeks in advance.
  4. There is a limit of one class booking per Member per day unless authorised by Us.
  5. We offer a waitlist service. If a place becomes available in a specific class, then you will be automatically be added to the class if you are next on the waitlist. By adding Yourself to the waitlist You commit to attending the class if a place becomes available. You will be provided with a minimum 60 minutes notice of class commencement. It is also your responsibility to cancel yourself off the waitlist within the 2 hour time frame prior to class if you do not wish to attend.
  6. You will not be permitted to a class if You arrive late. Doors to classes are locked at the commencement of a class and will be opened again when the class finishes.
  7. We reserve the right to cancel classes and substitute instructors at Our absolute discretion.
  8. We reserve the right to refuse access to a class to any person if, in Our view, the participation by that person is not in the best interest of Pilates Cartel or Our Members.
  9. For health and safety reasons participants in a class must be of a minimum height of 152cm.
  10. We hold no responsibility for loss of Your personal property or valuables while attending a class.
  11. To ensure that We provide the best possible service, all of Our studios have been fitted with CCTV cameras and audio. And from time to time we will take photos or video in class, you acknowledge that these may be posted on social media or be used for Pilates Cartel online presence. If you prefer not to have your photo posted on social media, please email us at hello@pilatescartel.com.au and advise us.
  12. You acknowledge that by signing up online, You agree to receive email communications from Us. You can unsubscribe by logging into Your account.

Health and Safety

  1. To protect the safety and Wellbeing of our Members and staff, You acknowledge that if You have contacted, or have symptoms of, a communicable disease, We may require clearance in writing from Your doctor before You can attend Your next class.
  2. You acknowledge that You will inform Pilates Cartel as soon as possible after becoming aware of any medical conditions or factors that may place You at risk. You acknowledge that You are responsible for informing Pilates cartel of any symptoms before, during or after participation in an activity. We reserve the right to request a written release from Your medical practitioner prior to allowing You to participate.
  3. You acknowledge that if you are pregnant and Our trainers deem it unsafe for You to continue group classes, You may be asked to transfer to private 1:1 sessions.