Pilates Cartel


On our website, you can click BOOKINGS in the navigation bar or the 3 little lines on your mobile device to open up the drop-down bar to show BOOKINGS. Find the class date and time you want, click BOOK or BOOK NOW and proceed through the information, sign the waiver and pay at the end at the payment portal. We have a number of offers for class passes, please read them all and their conditions to see which would suit you best.

We also have an APP!! Download WELLNESS LIVING ACHIEVE and you can book from wherever you are.

Bookings can be made up to 14 days in advance. Drop-ins are subject to availability and we strongly recommend booking in advance so you don’t miss out.

Yes. You can find our studios in Toukley and Lake Munmorah.

Shop 2/268 Main Road, Toukley, NSW 2263

Shop 2/1 Quisenberry Street, Lake Munmorah, NSW 2259

Any Foundation Reformer, Mat Tone and Balance, Barre Attack or Parents and Prams class.

10 for Foundation Reformer, 8 for Barre Attack and 8 For Mat Tone and Balance.

The door for class is locked 1 minute before it starts, if you do not turn up at this time you will forfeit your class pass. You have 2 free no shows or late cancellations from 12 months of your signing up date. After that you will forfeit your pass and be fined $10.

If your preferred class is booked out, you can go on the waitlist. If someone cancels out of the class you will be automatically added to the class in the order you signed up and receive an email notification.

Please assume you will be added to the class, check your emails up to 61minutes before the class so you know definitively that you have been added or not.

Yes, we have a toilet and a shower. You can change in this room if you need to.

Due to Covid regulations the shower cannot be used at this time.

No you do not have to be flexible to do Pilates. Most of our clients come to us with poor flexibility, doing regular Pilates can help increase your flexibility.

You will definitely increase your fitness levels doing Pilates, it’s a fabulous exercise modality to support other exercise you may do as well.

This is absolutely fine too. Everyone at some point in your class would have not done Pilates before. We have a very supportive staff and Cartel members and have many Foundation (Beginners) Classes on our timetable, so you will be absolutely fine as a beginner.

As a loose guide, 1 class per week you will notice your balance is better and you will start to notice improvements in your posture and walking. 2 Classes per week you’ll start to feel stronger and your niggling aches may start to subside. 3 classes per week you will see your body change shape, be stronger, have excellent posture and be aware of your body and your musce tone will be quite visible. 4-5 classes per week you will experience a lot fo increased strength, balance, flexibility, most likely weight loss and your muscle tone will have noticeably increased. Your whole body shape will change.

Bring your grip socks, your water bottle and your towel if you feel you need one to work with.

Comfortable free moving workout clothes. If you wear loose shorts we ask that you wear underwear please.

No. The door is locked once the class starts and does not open till the end of the session. This is so that the breathing/relaxation at the start of class is not interrupted.

It is also for the safety of the Cartel members in class, so the instructor does not have to leave the studio to let you in.

We also encourage thinking of your fellow Cartel members and being on time so as to not distract them from their relaxation and breathing.

No we do not allow children in the waiting area while you work out.