group classes

We have multiple group class options available, find out how to get involved with them now!

In our group Reformer Pilates classes, we have 10 people maximum in a class. Each person has a Reformer bed to exercise on, which is somewhat like a bed that has wheel and slides up and down rails under spring retention to make things easier or harder. We have 3 levels of effort, measured in Flamingos, you can choose which best suits you.

Challenge levels



Learn the foundations. Movements are broken down. Introduction to the equipment if you haven’t been before. For Beginners, those coming back from injury, or for the experienced that want to practice their foundations at a slower pace.
This is a 1 Flamingo of effort class, we’ll have some breaks in between movements, but you’ll still sweat and get a great work out. Everyone’s invited to this class.



Assumed knowledge of Reformer and can follow instruction as they’re somewhat familiar with the repertoire. Intermediate level. This is not a beginners’ class.
This is a 2 Flamingos effort class. You’ll have a good sweat up in this class, there will be a flow to the instructions, and smaller rest periods, but for most this class will be completely achievable. If you haven’t done any reformer classes before, we ask that you do 5 Foundation classes before you jump into an intermediate class.



A class for those that like to be challenged physically and technically. Assumed knowledge of movements and assumed strength to carry out more advanced movements in class. This is not a beginners’ class.
This is a 3 flamingo effort class, it moves quickly and almost no rest is given between movements, you will seat hard in this class and learn advanced movement patterns. A certain amount of strength is needed and so we ask that you do at least 10-20 intermediate classes confidently before you move into a Dynamic class. If you’re unsure, just ask us.

What Do I need to bring?

Due to COVID please bring Grip Socks. As per government guidelines, no reformer class can be done without them on. If you don’t have any, we got you babe, you can purchase them in the studio! Towel if you sweat a lot. Water bottle to hydrate. We have filtered water on tap for free!

HEADS UP: No mobile phones in class. EVER. They are a distraction which can make class dangerous if you’re not paying attention and annoying for your fellow Cartel.
Thank you for complying.

Our Group Mat classes are for most abilities and ages. Initially these classes will be a mix of beginners and intermediate moves. We work through movement patterns to build core strength, stability, flexibility. They will be 1-2 Flamingos worth of effort. And just in case you were wondering, we will not be standing on our heads.

What Do I need to bring?

Due to COVID please BYO mat & grip socks. If you don’t have any grip socks, we got you babes, you can purchase them at the studio. Towel if you sweat a lot. Water bottle to hydrate. We have filtered water on tap available for free!

Private classes

All of our classes, what you can expect to do, what muscle groups they target and how to book yourself in! 

Feeling like you might need a little one on one time to get the hang of things? Pilates Cartel private classes are the perfect way to get focused attention using a range of equipment, exercises, and specialised programs. We create a customised lesson plan just for you, and work together to achieve your fitness, flexibility, or recovery goals.