Barre Attack

Barre Attack Classes

Barre Attack is your answer to cardio exercise while actually having fun.

Barre attack is an athletic version of basic ballet moves with changing intensity throughout the class. Because of this Barre is perfect for those that need to get a good sweat up but struggle with joint pain or issues. Barre will help you empower yourself through the beauty of movement and functional, graceful fitness. We create positive change for the body and mind through high intensity, low impact workouts that get real results. If you love a bit of a dance and want to work on your posture, this class is also for you.

You do not need to know or have ever been to a dance class to be able to do this class. You will build strength, improve your balance and coordination and improve your body tone all while having fun moving to great tunes.

Barre Attack will help you work on your core strength which is paramount for daily life all the way through to performing better in any sport/activity you are involved in. You will walk taller, stand better and can even help reduce aches and pains in your body.

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