At Pilates Cartel our aim is to create a safe, body neutral space – we are open to all people regardless of gender, fitness levels, size, what you’re wearing or anything else that you may see as a barrier to exercise or have been taught to think in the past. You will never hear us talk about size, bikini bodies, food shaming, or any of the negatively perpetuated diet & body culture.

The Pilates Cartel Team

Kate - Pilates Cartel Team


Kate is the founder and one of the Instructors at Pilates Cartel. Kate wanted to create a space that was inclusive, non-judgmental, friendly, invoked kindness and felt supportive, while giving you the best mind and body workout of your life!

Kate is a very vibrant person who aims to showcase this in her studios through it’s beautiful design, and her fabulous team!

Combining her personal practice and teaching, Kate has over 10 years of Pilates experience and by drawing on this, and The Pilates Cartels teams expertise she delivers creative and dynamic classes full of high energy and positive affirmations!! Kate believes in you, even if you don’t believe in yourself. Her ethos for the studios is to get rid of the archaic negative mindsets around perfection and particular body types, so everyone can get some great movement in their days and work towards feeling better within themselves.

Chloe - Pilates Cartel Team


Chloe discovered her love for Pilates and Barre when living in the UK where she trained with reformer instructors from a broad variety of Pilates backgrounds including dynamic, contemporary and classical. Chloe embeds a fusion of these styles within her classes and as a musician, she loves to see her clients working to the beat! Since returning to Australia in 2020, Chloe has become a Reformer Pilates Instructor and is dedicated to educating her clients on correct body alignment, while always delivering a fun class that leaves clients feeling balanced and empowered. 

Supportive, creative and friendly would be some of the words Chloe’s clients would use to describe her teaching style. Her keen eye for movement, attention to detail, and encouraging approach ensure her clients get the most of every class. After ten years as a secondary classroom Music Teacher and Vocal Coach Chloe decided to combine her love of Pilates and music education to pursue her desire to become a certified Reformer Pilates Instructor.

Travers - Pilates Cartel Team


Travers has always had a passion for sports, which has reflected in his active lifestyle. This was a large influence for Trav becoming a Pilates instructor and personal trainer. Having worked in exercise rehabilitation alongside physiotherapists for over 10 years (and experiencing some chronic sporting injuries himself), he
developed a passion for helping people overcome their struggles.

He has also helped clients achieve their goals through improving their activity and movement patterns. Trav strives to help others experience the benefits of Pilates, as it is this training that has turned him into the person he is today.

Trav has worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years, and in that time, he has designed Pilates training programs and sessions to cater for any client. His fun and encouraging teaching style is very popular with class members of all ages and stages.

Christeen - Pilates Cartel Team


Christeen found her passion for movement at an early age and has been intrigued by the body’s movement patterns. She graduated at University in 2009 with a degree in Sport Science.

Having found movement as an integral part of her life, Christeen wanted to deepen and diversify her knowledge and understanding of the body and so completed her Intensive and Advanced STOTT PILATES Mat and Reformer Course and also the Total Barre Course later in 2019. Her goal is to never stop growing and learning through each new fitness chapter in her life.

Christeen is happiest when teaching Pilates, being outside in nature, loving the beach and playing with her kids.

You can expect to feel inspired in her classes as you mindfully move and groove.

Gabby - Pilates Cartel Team


Movement has always been a part of Gabby’s life, growing up taking dance and drama lessons.

After high school, she completed a year at acting college, and then went on to dance college, getting her certificate 4 in dance along the way.

Becoming uninspired at the gym, Gabby decided to try a Pilates class and never looked back.

Not long after this she decided to do her instructor training, and is now qualified in Mat, reformer and barre, and will soon be getting her Diploma as well.

The best thing about teaching has been helping people get some movement into their day, whether they are wanting a big workout, or wanting to establish more of a mind-body connection. She hopes everyone leaves her classes in a better headspace than when they came in, and maybe walks out on shaky legs!

Amy - Pilates Cartel Team


Pilates is a journey, not a destination. Amy’s Reformer Pilates journey began a bit later in life.

“I remember my first class, I was nervous and not sure what to expect. I left that first class feeling amazing, rejuvenated and a connectedness to my body I hadn’t experienced before. I was hooked!!”

Pilates quickly became a staple part of Amy’s days, if she wasn’t practicing, she was reading about or watching Pilates, and enrolled to become Reformer Pilates Instructor and loves teaching at Pilates Cartel.

Meeting so many wonderful and interesting clients and watching them develop a love of Pilates brings Amy so much joy. One aspect of Pilates that she focuses on in class is the use of breath to assist alignment, movement and mind-body connectivity.

In Amy’s spare time she loves to cook and entertain friends and family. She has three beautiful dogs and two step-doggies, a motley crew, who are the best company on long walks. And if she get a spare day there’s nothing she love more then getting into her garden. Amy is looking forward to being part of your Pilates journey as you are part of her.

Courtney - Pilates Cartel Team


Courtney is an intuitive mentor, energy healer and author. She teaches meditation and journey work to assist individuals to deepen their connection with their inner-self. She has worked with hundreds of women to help them release negative emotions and self sabotage patterns, and realign with higher levels of intuition, clarity and purpose.

Potato - Pilates Cartel Team


Potato is our Chief Pet Officer, and rightly so. He joined Pilates Cartel a week after the Toukley studio opened and has been greeting people at the door and being the cutest organiser of Pilates Cartel things ever since. Potato is extremely observant and a lover of the relaxation and breathing series at the start of class, and of course loves a good downward dog stretch. 

He is also into long walks, spending time at the beach (not in the water though), and running to the front door when the postman rings the doorbell.

Potato while miniature in size, makes up for it for it in personality and gumption. He will make your visit to Pilates Cartel the favourite part of your day.

Feel Comfortable & Supported

Pilates Cartel wants you to feel comfortable when you move thus we provide a completely supported environment with excellent instruction from fully trained instructors. Our team has been carefully selected so they can provide you with a a safe and great workout that encompasses kindness, empathy, lots of laughs and a full fun flamingo vibe.

Our classes draw from many backgrounds and techniques with our instructors always searching for the next greatest moves and researching the latest evidence based functional movement, while mixing this knowledge with contemporary and classical Pilates. We use Stott SPX Reformers, small apparatus props and your own body weight as resistance so we can move towards you developing great strength, alignment, mobility, flexibility and core.

Our aim is to have you feeling balanced and STRONG!

Mental health & positive food attitudes

We also believe that mental health and positive food attitudes are extremely important in this day and age, thus we offer meditation events and we also have a fantastic Nutritionist who aligns with our positive food/body relationship beliefs.

Pilates Cartel
Pilates Cartel

Our Community

As we are BIG on community and creating lasting relationships we hold multiple social events for you to get involved in throughout the year, in addition to a number of FREE events as well. We don’t just want to be the place you work out, we’re the place you come to have some fun, experience kindness and make friends along the way.

Pilates Cartel Certifications