about me

Hi my name is Kate, I am a pilates addict and I am here to bring you the greatest and most fun workout of your life!! Get excited because pilates is AWESOME!!

I took up reformer pilates 7 years ago due to ongoing back and neck pain and it changed my Iife. After 3 months of classes, my lifetime of lower back pain and work related neck pain disappeared. I cannot emphasise enough how amazingly restorative this type of workout is, how your body shape will change for the better and how much more stable and strong it will make you in your entire life and all of it’s activities.

My ethos is that pilates is for EVERYONE! There is no gender divide, there is no body shape shaming and there isn’t any age restriction. As long as you have a body and it’s medically cleared for exercise, you are EXACTLY right for pilates! See you soon pilates lovers.