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Boutique Pilates studios in Toukley and Lake Munmorah offering contemporary Pilates, positive body health, colourful vibes and a supportive, friendly community

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Welcome to Pilates Cartel

Hi there and welcome to Pilates Cartel, your coastal home of Contemporary Pilates, positive body health, colourful vibes and a supportive, friendly community.

Located in Toukley and Lake Munmorah, on the Central Coast of NSW, Pilates Cartel is more than just a boutique Pilates Studio, we have created a space where our Cartel can work on their strength, flexibility, stability and balance in a body neutral environment to create happiness and joy in their lives.

We’re here to help you achieve the best version of yourself physically and mentally.

Our classes have been created to help you give yourself the time in the day you deserve and to work to your greatest potential on the day, while unwinding with a few laughs, some great tunes in a fun, colourful, friendly and high energy vibe.

Pilates Cartel Team

What can Pilates do for me?

So you’re thinking you’d like to try this Pilates shebang, because, well, everyone’s doing it right?!….. or your doctor told you should do it, or you heard it gives you a toned body, or you want to work on your core because everyone says that it’s SO GOOD for you.

So is it true? Can we make that happen? HELL YES!

Pilates and the strength it creates could help alleviate your back pain, improve your posture, reduce neck pain, condition your body for other sports you are into, help rehabilitate you after injury, help manage your stress, help your flexibility, tone up your muscles and could make you the happiest person on the planet!!

During class, we concentrate on working all muscles and all body parts with a big focus on core strength, stability and balance. We offer classes for all levels. However, if you feel a little insecure in a group setting, want to work on something specific, don’t like other people in your workout space, or just totally want to be an expert before you hit the group classes, we also offer 1 on 1 or duet classes.


Across our two studios, we have over 50 classes running with more launching in the coming months! With lots of classes to choose you’ll have many options to fit in with your busy lifestyle.


We have a range of Intro Passes, flexible pricing options, casual rates, multi passes and memberships. Don’t forget to purchase our Intro Offer!


With a range of classes including Reformer, Mat tone and Balance, Mat Stretch and tone, Barre Attack and Parents and prams, we have something for everyone!

Pilates Cartel

Become part of the Cartel

We invite you to relax in our lovely, clean waiting area before class and encourage you to chat to your fellow Cartel Members, because community and kindness is where it’s at!

The Pilates Cartel Team

Here at Pilates Cartel our team of highly trained and qualified instructors always take into account who is in class and what we can offer as your best class for you. Even if you are in Group classes, we offer modifications for those that struggle with movements such as kneeling or balancing.

We pride ourselves on engaging in continuing education and are all researching great new ways to move you in class so you don’t become bored with the same moves every time.

From the Cartel

Toukley Studio

Visit the Pilates Cartel studio located in Toukley.

Lake Munmorah Studio

Visit the Pilates Cartel studio located in Lake Munmorah.

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